Impulse Purchases in Live Commerce


  • Chen Chen Postgraduate student at “Management and Marketing” Department, Belgorod State National Research University; 85, Pobeda St.
  • Tkhorikov Boris Alexandrovich The Kosygin State University of Russia
  • Ordynets Anna Andreevna The Kosygin State University of Russia
  • Osadchaya Olga Sergeevna Belgorod State National Research University



This article is written with the support of CSC (National Foundation for Study Abroad). The article investigates the evolution of impulse buying and its impact on trading company profits in the context of digital commerce. The paper examines how changes in consumer behavior and technological innovations affect strategies for attracting and encouraging impulse buying. Special attention is paid to the role of time-limited offers, virtual rewards, quick feedback, social proof, and other mechanisms in creating the desired impulse in consumers. The factors determining impulse buying in the online environment are listed, and the psychological and social aspects of this phenomenon are explored. A number of principles and mechanisms for stimulating impulse buying in Live Commerce are proposed after the analysis of scientific literature.


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