A Bibliometric Analysis of Paper in the Area of Wind, Weibull, Hydrogen and Homer Software Based on Scopus


  • Carla Andrade Universidade Federal do Ceará
  • Mona Lisa Moura de Oliveira Universidade Estadual do Ceará, UECE, Fortaleza, CE, Brasil
  • Franciso Olímpio Moura Carneiro Universidade UNILAB, Fortaleza, CE, Brasil
  • André Valente Bueno Universidade Federal do Ceará, UFCE, Fortaleza, CE, Brasil
  • Fernanda Leite Lobo Universidade Federal do Ceará, UFCE, Fortaleza, CE, Brasil




Green hydrogen, Bibliometrix, wind energy, Weibull, HomerPro


Green hydrogen has become the center of attention on the world stage, with its high efficiency and production versatility, where more and more studies are produced related to this topic. One of the renewable sources responsible to produce green hydrogen is wind energy. And the wind is the determining factor to produce this energy and for its viability, as the power generated by a turbine varies with the cube of the wind speed, and one of the statistical distributions used to analyze the behavior of the wind in a region is the Weibull distribution. Furthermore, there is software that carries out the study of the feasibility of implementing a wind farm and hydrogen production, called Homer Pro. Therefore, this work aims to analyze articles related to wind energy, hydrogen, the Homer Pro software, and the Weibull distribution to understand how research is developing in this promising area. To do this, a search was carried out in the Scopus database, considering some keywords and then an analysis of this set of data found using the Bibliometrix tool was carried out. The objective of this work is to identify the evolution of the topic and show Brazil's position.


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